14th Treatment

I was originally scheduled to see the doctor after treatment today, but she wasn’t due in until 8:30, so it was rescheduled for tomorrow. She’ll be discharging me from treatment and giving me post-treatment care instructions. After today’s treatment, I had to go next door for a fasting blood test, while Sandi went to another building for her allergy shot. We met up afterwards and had breakfast together in the café upstairs from the oncology suite. It was nice to just take it easy and not feel like we had to rush around anywhere. After breakfast, we had new tires put on the Prius. We had some time to kill and ended up eating lunch in the Costco seating area while catching up on our reading.

Today it feels as if the fatigue is starting to slowly creep up on me. It’s difficult to know for sure, since I have almost no energy to begin with. Otherwise, I’ve been doing well so far and am still able to drive for at least an hour at a time. I slept for a couple of hours after we returned home, and felt a little more rested.

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