Treatment #9

Since today is Tuesday, I saw the doctor after my treatment this morning. I spoke with both the nurse and Dr. F., who wanted to know how I was doing so far. The skin in the treatment area is starting to become a little darker, which is normal. She mainly wanted to know if I was experiencing any other side effects. She recommended taking two weeks off after treatment because often the fatigue doesn’t start until the third week. I will actually have a week and a half off before returning to work.

I have heard that sometimes the fatigue can last for weeks or months. I really don’t need that in addition to my lack of energy and motivation caused by my other health issues. Hopefully my recovery will be speedier.

I stayed at our friend’s place again today. No wildlife spotted, probably because the grounds-keeping crew scared them off. Although my stay was relaxing, it was hard for me to sleep while I was there. I feel well enough to drive to treatment and back tomorrow, so I’ll probably do that. I’ll be sure to send her a thank you note for allowing me to stay there.

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