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Long story short

Monday, February 8th, 2010

I had the biopsy in January 2009, which showed some activity on the left side of the pelvic region. Small but noticeable. Fortunately, it wasn’t acute b-cell lymphoma, but a milder type. Dr. K’s recommendation was to have infusiions of Rituxan once every eight weeks for two years.

I began the treatments in February 2009, so I’ve now had seven treatments and am at the halfway point. A PET/CT scan in December showed that the hot spot had gotten no bigger and no smaller. Dr. K. said it’s common for some patients to have this type of low-grade non-Hodgkin’s for years without any treatment, and just monitor it with periodic scans.

The infusions aren’t nearly as bad as full-blown chemo treatment, and it doesn’t cause hair fallout. The first one took around four hours, but now they only take two or three. The biggest drawback is the liquid antihistimine that makes me so drowsy I have to go home and sleep for two or three hours. So I have to take the whole day off work once every two months. Not a bad trade-off.

Of course, there are other physical effects that I really don’t care for. I can’t do heavy physical work for long before I get sick to my stomach, and although I have hyperhidrosis, I can’t pin it down to any one medication. I’m very glad that I don’t have anemia or any of the other complications I had during chemo.

Looking forward to this time next year…